It's Music, just Different

Unique Lessons & Workshops for humans, not dogs.

~ Mancake

(An awesome band from Pembrokeshire, Wales)

Jump into the world of ukulele magic and discover the joy of strumming this pint-sized powerhouse of happiness!

Dive fingers first into a sea of frets, melodies & chords, and come back up to the surface to discover a new world of songs and sounds.

Explore the art of craft of songwriting. Create original melodies and lyrics that tell the stories only you can tell!

Unleash the potential of your band! Find your sound, create your own songs, and perform at a new level!

Ignite your imagination with an array of unique creative music workshops, tailored to you.

Hi I’m Matthew, a professional musician & published songwriter. I started my music career inside an ALN School in Surrey, where I worked for 10 years – teaching guitar, ukulele, songwriting, band development, and using music as a therapy for young people with a range of additional learning needs…  I also have a cute little doggie named Winston. He makes his own music.